Cannabis Dispensary

The global legal cannabis market was valued at $14.3 billion in 2016, and it is expected to grow to $63.5 billion by 2024, according to a report from Ameri Research Inc. In the North America, medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states in the U.S. (including the District of Columbia). Eight states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington) have legalized adult-use cannabis. 2018 also brings with it the possibility of states like New Jersey, Michigan, Vermont, Virginia and Oklahoma (medical), legalizing cannabis. And Canada is working to expand its medical marijuana legalization to the adult-use market this year. It is an exciting time in the industry as public support of cannabis legalization continues to rise. According to a Gallup poll from October 2017, 64 percent of Americans are in favor legalizing cannabis.

Cannabis Dispensary is the industry’s first true B2B publication dedicated entirely to the retail and ancillary business segments of the legal cannabis market. Launched as a print publication and website in November 2017, Cannabis Dispensary is quickly becoming cannabis retailers’ go-to source for business and legislation news. In addition to industry news, Cannabis Dispensary provides dispensary owners/operators with actionable intelligence that they can use to make their businesses stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Cannabis Dispensary will be published six times in 2018.